I want to drown in the ocean. 

I miss hearing words like “Wow, you really did great” or “Well done!”
And I even don’t remember when I hear those words..
All I keep hearing is just “You could do better!”, “You useless! You don’t do anything at all! You can’t do anything at all!”
Mom, dad, my beloved sisters… I wish you could understand that it hurts hearing it..
all the time.. 

Ones have beautiful bodies.
Others have tragically beautiful souls.  

It’s hard to be strong.
It’s not easy to don’t mind what people talk about you.
How they talk with you.
Yes, we act like we don’t care.
I act like I don’t care.
I wish I could feel the same way.
When the lights go down, my heart cries.
Everything inside me shouts. 
But just too quietly..yet only I can hear it. 

I swear. 
When day comes, when I will be able to quit this place.
This city. This hometown.  Everything here.
I won’t return. 
I won’t come back here, where my dreams is tearing down, yet not reached. 
I won’t. 


Take me to the place
where doors are open.
A little lovely place
Where no one broken.


"I don’t believe in world" he said. "I believe in fairy tales" .

I just don’t get it.. 
How do people get into relationships..
How do they fall in love with each other..
For me it’s so impossible..
That someone would love you back..when you love them..
And whenever I just look at cute couples being in love..
I really don’t get it.. How?
I bet it’s worth living feeling..

I wish you could see me, the way I see you. 

Tired of everything.
Tired of nothing.